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John Courtade
Attorney at Law
4408 Spicewood Springs Road
Austin, Texas 78759
tel: 512.502.1135
fax: 512.502.1138

  • Practicing securities and general business law for more than 30 years.
  • Formerly Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel,
    United States Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Representing investors, securities professionals, and other clients in securities and business disputes
  • Providing transactional services and regulatory counseling for companies and investment professionals.*

My practice is a broad business one with a heavy emphasis on litigation and a heavy emphasis on securities. I provide general transactional services such as incorporations, contracts, technology licensing, and securities disclosure documents, and I practice in state and federal courts around the United States. This website focuses on one important aspect of my practice: representing investors in arbitrations with brokers. An investor contemplating an arbitration is not likely to be familiar with the process. I have set out the questions investors have asked me repeatedly as they walk in the door and my typical response in the FAQ section. To get to the FAQ, you should first read the Important Disclosures section, however. Please read it so that you understand the difference between general observations and legal advice. If you want to consult with me further, I have attached an Investor Questionnaire which I ask potential clients to complete.

All content Copyright (C) 2004, John Courtade, and may not be used without explicit permission.

*Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization [explanation]