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Important Disclosures

          1. Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice. I don’t give legal advice to anonymous strangers looking at a web page. The information and opinions provided are general, based on years of practice. Every person’s situation is different, however, and legal advice depends on an in-depth analysis of the facts of a particular case and application of not only the general principles of law, some of which I discuss on this site, but also the numerous exceptions to those principles, which I don’t generally discuss. Good legal advice depends on exercise of the lawyer’s judgment: applying the law and experience to complex facts. There’s no cookbook for this. In short, I hope this site will be helpful to you, but it’s not a substitute for legal advice.

          2. I don’t represent anyone or take any action on anyone’s behalf until we have signed a written agreement. Some of you who read this website will contact me. Some may become clients. I am not representing anyone or acting on their behalf unless and until, however, we mutually agree in writing to the terms my representation. I give this caution because I don’t want anyone to think I am representing them or taking action on their behalf just because we talked or had e-mail contact.

          3. The statute of limitations. Every legal claim has its own limitations period during which it must be brought. Please read the discussion of limitations on this website so that you understand the issue.

          I have read and understand these disclosures. (Click below.)

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